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These incredibly athletic women and men will prove the opposite. Sure, you might think these are sponsored reviews. You couldn’t be more wrong! They’re just as convinced by spoosty as we are and drink it daily! Some of them take spoosty several times a day.

Our spoosty® sports.nutrition is the product of in-depth research. Our product developer has accompanied top athletes and their nutritional habits for years and listened to their needs. Following the athletes’ wishes we developed a sports nutrition with valuable vitamins and minerals. No pills. No capsules. Liquid, drinkable, and with fantasic effect:

spoosty® BLACK EDITION sports


Sebastian Neef | Professional triathlete

"I have to consume a high quantity of minerals and vitamins because of my daily athletic activity, which I can level perfectly with spoosty. Spoosty contains these in an optimal formulation. I don’t have to take lots of different products or mix the components together laboriously. With spoosty you can easily regenerate after hard training sessions or competitions."


Roman Deisenhofer | Professional triathlete

"Spoosty is easily administrable, highly compatible and can satisfy my need for vitamins and minerals perfectly. I can feel that my regeneration phase is shortened, I sleep better and can get started on the next hard training unit much more quickly, feeling at top fitness."



Marchelo Maximilian Kunzelmann-Loza | Professional triathlete

"Spoosty really makes me feel that I can recover faster from hard training sessions. Ultimately it has the effect that I can bounce back 100% faster after a challenging day."



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Rainer Steinberger | Ultracyclist

"With Spoosty I reach shorter and faster regeneration phases and therefore better training incentives. During my preparation for Race around Austria I trained in blocks of four: four days of exertion, one day regeneration training. With spoosty I was able to master my 6-hour mountain interval sessions 5-8 minutes faster."



Wolfgang Scholz | Walking + Nordic Walking

"I want to further my athletic goals. For that I need optimal regeneration so that I can train more effectively.  That’s exactly what spoosty helps me do. I feel the improved recovery and have no muscular fatigue or injury, even though I often have two competitions in one weekend (Race Walking and Nordic Walking). I also haven’t had any muscle problems during other exercises. "


Ulrich Breu | Body builder

"Despite high physical strain I recover relatively quickly and can therefore give my body a great starting point. I feel better and enjoy faster regeneration thanks to spoosty.

I’ve already tried multiple ‘All in One’ products for micronutrients, and tested other mineral and vitamin preparations. However, none of them is absorbed as quickly and effectively into my body and offers a comparable bioavailability to spoosty. In addition, it’s just so easy to use. I am absolutely convinced by spoosty’s positive effects."


Maria Koller | Ultratrail Runner

"The most significant components of spoosty for me are its positive effect on physical fitness and on regeneration.

The composition of minerals and vitamins is exactly the right combination for athletes – no matter whether they’re competitive or leisure sportsmen. I haven’t come across or taken a comparable product so far.

Another thing that makes the product unbeatable is the high quality of its ingredients. In addition the drink is produced and bottled in Germany, which I find environmentally-friendly.

While the price might seem a little steep at first, if you think about the positive effects and the composition of ingredients, it really is worth it. If all these minerals and vitamins had to be supplied separately, a vast range of supplements and preparations would be needed, which would in sum be much more costly than spoosty.

Overall, I think spoosty is a really amazing product with a lot of wonderful qualities."


Hendrik Dombek | Speed Skater

"Spoosty helps me to start my training every day feeling regenerated and fit. What really struck me as a positive is that I don’t have any days where I feel a loss of form and can’t perform as well. Spoosty is the easiest and most effective way to elevate my diet to a new level. Every important micronutrient is contained in one glass of this ‘all-in-one’ product. You don’t have to over think it; just drink it and you’re perfectly prepared for training and regeneration."



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