Experiences with spoosty® sports.nutrition


"Very tasty, easy to dispense, potent mix of nutrients! I can fully recommend spoosty!"

10/2019 Facebook recommendation, Marco Hilbert

"Great product!! I can really recommend it!"

09/2019 Facebook recommendation, Thomas Huber

"After a first testing period I'm really pleasantly surprised. Since I started taking it I was able to raise the intensity of my training. I could definitely feel my regeneration periods passing more quickly. This instantly reflected in my first training sessions and competitions. It was most strikingly noticeable after long, hard and intense training sessions."

08/2019 Email, Markus Neuberger - Downhill Skiing (former Bavarian champion Giant Slalom), Cross-Country Skiing / Biathlon, Bike Racing

"I'm seriuosly impressed with the effect. I'd tried other products with similar claims in regard to performance capacity, but there was always something not quite right. Here, the whole package is great. The taste, the tolerability, procurement, storage, etc."

★★★★★ 08/2019 Google Review, Jennifer Gendreizig

"Advantage: Multiple packages of supplement are substituted by one single bottle, in addition to the easy administration of just 25ml in liquid form. The magnesium bisglycinate and its organic compound allow for the ideal absorption. This further underlines the product’s excellent tolerability. All necessary minerals are included. I can already feel a definite improvement after just one week.

Disadvantages: not known.

Comparable product: not known."

08/2019 Facebook recommendation, Britta Wenske, triathlete

"Genius product that really keeps its promises while sporting a great and refreshing taste, and very classy packaging. I am absolutely convinced by this and can totally recommend it. The guys behind this are also good fun! All in all a great product!"

★★★★★ 08/2019 Google review, Manuel Pflamminger

"I’ve been taking it for four weeks and the effect is as promised. It tastes fruity and fresh. I have since made it part of my breakfast routine. ;-) Then I can crank up my training in the afternoon."

★★★★★ 08/2019 Google review, Christian Schlierf

"Great supplement… tastes great and I feel more rested after my training than without spoosty… Up until now I rather frowned upon dietary supplements, but this convinced me… Service like shipment and presentation of the bottle are also neat."

★★★★★ 07/2019 Google review, Manuel Theel