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Here you can find frequently asked questions about our spoosty sports.nutrition.

FAQ - spoosty sports.nutrition

What ist the Cologne List ®?

The Cologne List ® is an initiative of the Olympia Base Rhineland regarding doping prevention. The base aims to satisfy its due diligence towards managed top athletes.

The Cologne List ® presents food supplements with minimized doping risk, which are tested for anabolic steroids and stimulants in a worldwide-leading laboratory for supplement analytics regarding doping substances.

The background for this comes from various studies conducted by the Institute of Biochemistry at the German Sports University in Cologne, which found doping relevant substances like anabolic substances and stimulants in analyzed food supplements that didn’t list these on their packaging.

The publication of a product on the Cologne List ® does not guarantee that this product is categorically free from doping substances, but the risk is significantly reduced.

Even though doping doesn’t have direct relevance relevance to leisure and competitive athletes in regard to possible sanctions, this topic is still of interest for these athletes- After all, who wants to unintentionally take substances that are subject to Pharmaceutical Drug Laws?

Further information on the Cologne List ® Homepage – www.koelnerliste.com

Bioavailability - what's that exactly?

Bioavailability is a pharmacological measure for the amount of active substances that are available in the bloodstream in an entirely unaltered state. Therefore, bioavailability describes to what extent a substance is absorbed by the body and is then available for use. The bioavailability is at 100% if, for example, a drug is directly (intravenously) administered.

spoosty® BLACK EDITION sports  is liquid. With its drinkability and valuable ingredients our sports nutrition has a high bioavailability. That means that your body absorbs the important micronutrients very well and – above all – very fast.

Who can take spoosty® BLACK EDITION sports?

Everyone who practices sports and wants to be more physically efficient can drink the recommended amount of 25ml a day.

This applies to everyone – from top athlete to hobby jogger, including those who carry out light to heavy physical work (be it crafts people or cleaners) benefit from drinking a daily glass of spoosty ®.


Power and endurance athletes profit exceptionally from the spoosty effect in terms of increase to their physical performance.


Try it yourself. Spoost Yourself.

When do I take spoosty® sports.nutrition?

Ideally spoosty® BLACK EDITION sports is taken along with a balanced meal that's rich in carbohydrates – like pasta, rice or bread. The carbs contained in your food make it even easier for your body to absorb the spoosty ingredients. Which meal of the day you choose for this is completely up to you – breakfast, lunch or dinner.

spoosty® pure or diluted?

Spoosty® is tasty either way. You can drink spoosty® pure or enjoy it diluted in water or any other mixture you like. Avoid taking with  alcohol of course!

Our spoosty® BLACK EDITION sports package comes with a drinking glass that exactly fits the daily dose of 25ml. We make a point of not using plastic in any of our products. Instead we send you a quality glass cup along with your glass bottle.

You might be tempted to take a sip directly from the bottle, but this is an absolute no-no! Please always use a glass for your daily spoosty ration in order to prevent bacterial contamination.

How long does a bottle of spoosty® BLACK EDITION sports last?

Your 700ml supply of spoosty will last for 28 days with a daily ration of 25ml. Please make sure to store the bottle in the fridge after opening.

Top-tier sports see a significantly higher physical strain than other forms of exercise. Because of this the body has a heightened demand for nutrients. In this case we recommend that you take double the quantity of spoosty® BLACK EDITION sports or, depending on the intensity of your needs, a little more than that.
You should always take spoosty with a meal that’s rich in carbohydrates, as the body can absorb the ingredients more easily this way. The normal daily ration is 25ml – the measure of one spoosty glass.

Can I take spoosty® BLACK EDITION sports over a longer period of time?

The recommended daily dosage of 25ml can be taken over a long period of time or even all the time.

What performance increase can I expect taking spoosty® BLACK EDITION sports?



The most accurate information we can give for this question refers to top-tier sports, as our athletes know their exact performance levels and can therefore pinpoint differences or improvements after taking spoosty® BLACK EDITION sports most precisely. We have reported performance increases of 8-12%.

Particularly in top-tier and high-performance sports an 8-12% increase can mean the difference between success and failure. Sometimes as little as 0.1% can lead to a win. Spoosty® BLACK EDITION sports assists you on your way to personal success. Let spoosty® BLACK EDITION sports drive your performance.

Does spoosty® sports.nutrition have any known food intolerances?

Our spoosty® sports.nutrition is sugar free, lactose free, glute free and vegan. So far there are no intolerances known when taking spoosty®.

The natural citrus/lime flavor may cause symptoms for people with citrus intolerances.

Where is spoosty® produced?

spoosty® - Made in Germany! Our spoosty® sports.nutrition is produced with high-quality ingredients in Germany and is bottled here as well. Even the packaging and our glass bottles are sourced from German producers.

Expiration and storage

Unopened, a spoosty® BLACK EDITION sports bottle has a shelf life of up to two years – see use-by date on bottle. It can be stored at 4°C-30°C.

After opening spoosty® should be stored in the fridge and used within two months. Please do not drink straight from the bottle to avoid bacterial contamination.

How long does the shipment of my spoosty order take?

The shipment period of your order depends on the payment option that you choose during your purchase. If you paid via Paypal before 2pm your order is usually sent out the same day and should arrive the next working day with a parcel service. Orders that come in after 2pm are processed the next day.

You chose ‘Pay upfront’ as a payment option? As soon as your money as arrived in our account we will finalize your spoosty package. It can take 2-3 working days for your payment to arrive in our bank account.