Starting signal for the spoosty

At a press conference on friday morning (20/01/10) our spoosty was officially introduced to the public. Laura Zimmermann (29), Roman Deisenhofer (34), Sebastian Neef (30) and Marchelo Kunzelmann-Loza (20) are ready to conquer the triathlon-world as spoosty


Marchelo Kunzelmann-Loza, Laura Zimmermann, Sebastian Neef, Roman Deisenhofer

“I am very proud that these four outstanding athletes are now a part of Spoosty”, said our CEO Paetrick Arndt in front of numerous journalists. And he stressed how unique this team is: “All athletes identify with us and our brand 100%. They support and help each other all season long; at joint training camps and training sessions.”

Men’s coach, Nils Goerke, aimed ambitious goals at the press conference: “It is possible that you might see a future Kona-winner sitting here in front of you!” Athletics coach Christian Daser added, quoting Arnold Schwarzenegger: “If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough!” Manager Julian Heilmann is in charge of organizing the team.

The athletes’ goals may be different, but they all are ambitious. And they are realistic, thanks to our spoosty BLACK EDITION sports, which our athletes trust.

Roman Deisenhofer wants to qualify for the IRONMAN world championships in Hawaii: “I want to qualify for the world championships at the IRONMAN South Africa in March. And I want to reach a top-ten-finish at Kona in October.”

Maybe Sebastian Neef does qualify for the world championships as well, even though his season will not start before April because he plans to finish university by the end of March. “After that I can fully concentrate on triathlon. That’s a dream come true for me”, says Neef at the press conference.

And watch out Laura Zimmermann! She had an impressive debut on the long distance at IRONMAN Barcelona 2019 with a great second place (including a new record on the bike-track). “I want to compete with some of the best athletes in the world at the european championships in Frankfurt this year. And I want to qualify for the Challenge 70.3 world championships in Samorin”, Zimmermann aims her goals for the new season.

To qualify for Samorin, that is something Marchelo Kunzelmann-Loza wants to achieve as well. “And I want to compete with great athletes at the IRONMAN 70.3 european championships at Helsingør, Denmark” says Kunzelmann-Loza.

As Outstanding as the team itself, is Spoosty’s commitment. All four athletes have signed contracts that run for five years. “We are not a short-term phenomenon like other teams, which show up for two or three years only”, Arndt accentuates Spoosty’s sustainability in this project.



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