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spoosty triathlon team
Marchelo Kunzelmann-Loza, Laura Zimmermann, Sebastian Neef, Roman Deisenhofer

At a press conference, held this morning at the Best Western Premier Hotel Regensburg, the newly founded spoosty was officially introduced and has big goals for its first triathlon-season: “We want at least one top-ten-finish of one of our athletes at the Ironman world championships in Hawaii”, says the founder of the spoosty, Paetrick Arndt (CEO of Spoosty).

And Arndt stresses how unique this project is: “The spoosty is not the simple union of professional triathletes, who have the same sponsor by chance. We all at spoosty’s live this joint team spirit!” The spoosty is no professional triathlon team like any other because of its long-term nature. All three professional athletes have signed contracts for the next five years. “We are not a short-term phenomenon like other teams, which show up for two or three years only”, Arndt accentuates spoosty’s sustainability in this project.

The fact that all the athletes live and train close to each other (Augsburg and Regensburg) and close to spoosty’s headquarter in Cham (Bavaria) contributes to this unique team spirit.

The spoosty starts its first season with three top athletes: Roman Deisenhofer, Sebastian Neef and Marchelo Kunzelmann-Loza. They all are coached by Nils Goerke. Julian Heilmann is the team-manager. And Christian Daser is the team’s athletics coach.

Roman Deisenhofer (34), who finished 9th at the European Championships in Frankfurt last year, has one big goal for this year: “A top-ten finish at the IRONMAN World Championships in Hawaii! Our spoosty creates the perfect conditions for that.” Deisenhofer, wo lives in Augsburg, wants to qualify for the long distance world championships at the IRONMAN South Africa at the end of March.

Sebastian Neef’s (30) season will start a little bit later this year because he wants to finish university first. The runner up at the German long distance championships in 2017 will have finished his teacher training at the University of Regensburg by the end of March. After that he will concentrate fully on triathlon. Regensburg born Neef stresses how important this team is for him: “I am deeply thankful that I can concentrate on my state examination first.” And Paetrick Arndt adds: “This is a matter of course for us! Our team is a real team. They are not just athletes we pay and they all walk their way alone. We face our challenges together. And Sebastian’s challenge is his state examination now. And after that we will be very happy seeing him standing at the starting line for us. Maybe at the European Championships in Frankfurt or at the Challenge in Roth.”

Third triathlete at the spoosty is twenty year old Marchelo Kunzelmann-Loza, who attends the Elite School of Sports in Nuremberg at the moment. He is looking forward to being part of this team: “That’s the perfect start for my career as a professional athlete. I am pretty sure that I can - and I will - learn a lot from my older teammates and I can benefit from their experiences.” Kunzelmann-Loza is said to be one of the biggest talents in Germany triathlon. His goals for 2020: “I want to qualify for the Challenge 70.3 World Championships in Samorin (Slovakia) and want to compete there with all the great athletes and see how I can perform.” And he wants to start at the 70.3 European Championships in Helsingør (Denmark) on June 21st.

Spoosty is very proud that one of the best known coaches in triathlon will be the team’s coach: Nils Goerke. The former runner-up at the European Championships, finished the IRONMAN Hawaii eight times and is looking forward to this cooperation: “I am highly motivated to train these three athletes of the spoosty Both athletes, Roman and Sebastian, have sold themselves short so far, in spite of their great results. I am sure that they both will take the next step. The goal for this season is to qualify for the IRONMAN Hawaii, which means to win or at least finish top three at an IRONMAN race worldwide. Marchelo has what it takes to create a sensation at one of his 70.3 races this year for sure because of his training at the “Bayernkader”. It is our job to create a professional environment for all three athletes, to take care of material, travelling, competition planning and nutrition, so they can concentrate on training. The next couple of years will be pretty exciting!”

Even though Nils Goerke will control the athletes’ training from Hamburg, there are many joint training sessions planed. Not only the usual training camps at winter time in the south, but all over the season. “That’s something I am really looking forward to”, says Roman Deisenhofer. “That’s what makes our team so special. If one of us is down, there are two others, who will help you up, who push you and motivate you. That is so important.”

Not only training will be professional for the three athletes, everything else as well. Team-manager Julian Heilmann is the one who is in charge of all the other things that come along. Heilmann, a passionate triathlete himself (he finished the IRONMAN Frankfurt in 2017 and Challenge Roth in 2018 for example), will be the connecting link between athletes, coaches and sponsor. “I am responsible that the guys will never forget what their focus is on. No matter what: I am there for them and help them - anytime, anywhere.”

Athletics coach Christian Daser completes the team. “Our training is a combination of neuro-athletics and biomechanical, so to say physical training. On the basis of a regular motion analysis, we can support, consolidate and improve the athletes’ sport-specific performance.”

spoosty triathlon team with coaches and manager
Paetrick Arndt (CEO), Laura Zimmermann (Athletin), Nils Goerke (Athleten-Trainer) Roman Deisenhofer (Athlet), Sebastian Neef (Athlet), Julian Heilmann (Team-Manager), Christian Daser (Athletic-Trainer), Marchelo Kunzelmann-Loza (Athlet)


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